‘Britain needs to remember its past more clearly. Coming to see this moving, well performed show would be a useful part in that process.’

Performed by Aisha Mohammed with live music by Abdelkader Saadoun

The date is May 2011: Suuban sits in the dark in a Woolwich council house watching the US assassination of Osama Bin Laden unfold on TV.

The date is August 1913: The British are at war…in Africa. In the interior of British Somaliland the hunt for the ‘Mad Mullah’ is on. A woman dervish warrior searches the body of a British Tommy. Soon battle will be joined:

‘Say, the dervish are like the advancing thunderbolts of a storm, rumbling and roaring’.

Soon these two worlds will fuse and force Suuban to confront her life and those closest to her.


Listen to Hassan Mahamdallie interviewed 56026-1v7zHy1383075076by Mohammed Ali about The Crows Plucked Your Sinews for Live Arts Radio Birmingham. With scenes from the play performed by Yusra Warsama and music by Abdelkader Saadoun. (53 minutes)  Produced by Richard Baddeley.

Audience Comments

Gadesden3“Beautiful, powerful and challenging. Loved it”

“Acting and music was stunning. Very powerful, compelling and important. Topical issues that need platforming.A multi-layered, intelligent play that addresses so many complex   issues, distilled in a very stunning and absorbing play”

“Really interesting and so much heart. Loved the personal links to ancestry. Beautiful fluidity, strong performance. Such a bold approach. I loved it”

“As a Somali, the play transported me back to a time of pride”

“Brave writing, brilliant performance”

“Felt privileged to watch such a provocative, thought provoking piece of theatre. Such a diverse audience. Education for me, a mid-30s white female. Loved it. Credit to the performer that she kept you engaged throughout and you ceased to really think about there being only one performer on stage. The stage became full of rich characters”

Impressive solo performance with a tale that enthralled”

“Really interesting and gripping, illuminating a history I had no knowledge of, but with a universal reach”


Original artwork by Rachel Gadsden

“Brave and disconcerting – rightly so”

“Very important to openly discuss these issues. History should be told from all perspectives”

“Amazing acting. Totally blown away”

“Impactful on notions of identity and State, common humanity as well as specific ethical/cultural roots. I loved the use of the guitarist; dissonant to the tone of the play”